What options are there for students not interested in University?

University isn’t the only way to become a successful professional. In fact, many of today’s professionals have ‘accidental careers’ – rather than setting out on a specific career path, they have stumbled upon their ideal profession through various work experience. In our Career Videos section you can find real life examples of professionals who have followed unusual career paths, and inspire your students to consider careers they had never dreamed of.

In this section we look at alternative routes, both non-academic and vocational, into the professions, and provide links to helpful resources when guiding those students who aren’t interested in following the traditional route.

There are various organisations aiming to improve access to the professions, which we highlight in our Fair Access page about their initiatives

For students keen to ‘earn while they learn’, Apprenticeships offer a valuable opportunity. NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) offer opportunities for school leavers to learn ‘on the job’ the necessary skills and knowledge for their chosen profession. 

Below you will find routes, including the necessary professional qualifications, into the professions categorised by sector.

Discover the routes to each sector:

Accountancy and Finance Information Technology
Actuarial and Statistics Insurance and Banking
Administration Internal Auditing and Risk Management
Animals and Plants Law Enforcement and Protection
Built Environment Legal
Charity and Voluntary Work Leisure, Sport and Tourism
Construction, Property and Land Surveying Management
Creative Arts and Design Marketing, Advertising and PR
Education Media and Broadcasting
Energy and Mining Medical
Engineering Publishing and Journalism
Environment Purchasing and Selling
Health and Safety Sales and Customer Service
Healthcare Science
Hospitality and Events Management Social Care and Guidance Work
Human Resources and Employment Social Science
Information Services

Transport, Logistics and Distribution

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