Research has shown that holders of a professional qualification will earn more during their careers than their less qualified counterparts but, if you are undecided about what you wish to do, the prospect of a professional qualification which ties you to one career path can seem daunting.

If this applies to you, then ABE (Association of Business Executives) Business Management qualifications are a great starting point because they provide skills that are valued by employers in all sectors and don’t limit you to a specific role or industry.   ABE Business Management qualifications start at Level 4, which would typically help you step onto the career ladder at an assistant level, and go up to Level 7 (postgraduate) which enables many qualification holders to go straight into a managerial position.  

ABE qualification holders work in a wide range of industries and sectors, demonstrating the way that an ABE Business Management course will develop professional skills that can be applied to significantly varying roles. The most recent survey showed ABE graduates working in finance, government and public sector, education, health, non-governmental organisations, manufacturing and engineering, media, tourism as well as many other areas.  

Starting an ABE Business Management course can also help to clarify the direction you may wish to develop as your career. Many people on a general business course find there is an area they particularly enjoy and excel in.  Aware that this is the case, ABE has designed its qualifications so that they offer common units, that way you can switch to an alternative ABE professional qualification without having wasted study time going down another pathway.  

ABE is a membership body and exam board that has been offering professional qualifications since 1973. It is well known internationally, making its qualifications particularly relevant to those who wish to work professionally worldwide. ABE is also fully recognised by the UK regulatory body Ofqual, which means all ABE’s qualifications have been independently recognised as meeting the required academic standard for British qualifications. ABE’s qualifications are also recognised by a number of similar bodies worldwide. Employers can therefore be confident that ABE graduates hold a qualification of integrity that has developed the professional skills demanded in the modern working environment.

ABE offers qualifications in following subject areas:

18th June 2014

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