A recent survey of 2,006 people carried out by Stonebridge found that self-employed workers are the happiest, followed by managers in retail and wholesale, carers and apprentices. It was found that 18-24 year olds are the happiest age group, but overall people are unhappy because they feel unable to progress.

Self-employment is well worth considering, but it is important to ensure you have good support before making the move. Professional bodies can offer this support, along with opportunities to meet others that are already working for themselves. 

Feeling unable to progress in your chosen career? Although we may be a little biased, it's true that professional bodies can also help you here. From professional qualifications to learning on the job and funding for further training, these organisations are there to help you reach your ambitions and become an expert in the field. Many professional bodies offer recognition and awards to those working hard and representing the profession well. 

It is interesting that apprentices are amongst the happiest surveyed, suggesting positive changes have happened since apprenticeships have been further developed and promoted. 

However it is concerning to note that overall, Stonebridge's research found that 4 out of 10 people are not happy in their job. If this includes you, seek support - from careers advisers or professional bodies. If you haven't started out in work yet, think carefully about how you will gain job satisfaction by exploring careers and getting advice from others in the sector.

9th July 2014