Ever since we've had some form of money to trade for goods and services, there have been people recording it, managing it, investing it and losing it! 

  • Accountants understand and manage the finances of all kinds of organisation, and are employed in many roles.  
  • Financial planners help individuals and families to set and achieve personal financial goals throughout life. They help organisations to match their finances to their organisational goals and issues.
  • Investment managers manage individuals' and organisations' assets and credit, and deal with pensions (the money you save while you are working to use when you retire).
  • Regulators support the work of accountants and financiers and make sure both the professionals and the professional bodies that regulate them are doing their jobs properly and protecting consumers.  
  • Taxation and payroll professionals help people calculate their tax and pay their employees.
  • Treasury professionals manage the money and financial risks in a business. They also develop the long term financial strategy and policies that will add value and drive business success.   

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